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You probably know that Neo4j, Cypher, and APOC were inspired by "Matrix" movie. You also might remember, once Thomas Anderson became Neo he could learn anything just in a few seconds: Kung Fu, how to drive a helicopter or graph theory. What you probably don't know yet, is that in Graphville you can learn graph theory, Neo4j basics, and level up your Cypher skills within quite a short period of time! (not in a few seconds, of course, but you will enjoy the process).

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You become a Sponsor ( Avatar tier ) and share your favorite photo with us.

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What is Graphville?

Graphville - is an educational platform for beginners to learn Cypher and Neo4j basics. All materials and tasks created using official Neo4j documentation and best practices.

Each lesson is a small story about Graphville citizens. Read the story, meet the characters and help them. Solve tasks and you will learn Neo4j fundamentals and write dozens Cypher queries.

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Graphville was created for engineers, who love modern technologies and creative education. Graphville is not a commercial project and needs the support of the world.